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Tall Girl Shopping problems


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 Finding clothes has been a constant treasure hunt since I turned 12 ... and I do not even mention shoes !!


GrandeMary is the result of years of frustration, of clothes that are long enough until you have washed them once,

of a lifetime of short sleeves and ankle length pants,

and ever so disappointing shopping tours ...

I have created GrandeMary so that Tall Women finally find energy and pleasure in their morning dressing routine !


_Dress women over 1.80m_

This is our mission. Allow tall women to feel good about their lives thanks to quality, well-cut and modern clothes. The same clothes as your friends…but better!

Our Mission

_Offer great clothes to Tall Women_

This is our single purpose !!

Allowing Tall Women to thrive and shine 

thanks to modern, high quality clothing.

The exact same clothes as your friends ... only better !

Tall women's clothing
Machine à coudre


_Responsible clothing at fair price_


We are always looking for the best 

balance between eco-friendly and price ,

so that as many Tall Women as possible

can wear our clothes with pride.

What does it mean, a "fair price" ?

No overstock, good partners, (great) design to cost creation and high value for money.


 Because we know that all Tall Women are not tall the  same way,

  and that we therefore need flexibility in production ...

Because Tall Women deserve the right to try on their clothes, hesitate and then buy them, or not,  

 without traveling for hours ...

_GrandeMary's journey has only just begun_

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